Questions That Most People Forget To Ask When Hiring Car Movers

Hiring Car Movers

While relocating or moving to a new place, hiring professional car movers seems like a convenient option. However, there are certain important questions one should ask the car movers before finalizing them. Failing to ask the right questions can lead to unfavorable situations. This article talks about some key questions people usually forget to inquire about when hiring car movers.

Hiring Car Movers – Do they have the required insurance?

One of the most important things to ask the car movers is whether they have the necessary insurance coverage or not. Moving a vehicle involves risks of accidents and damages. As a customer, you don’t want to be held responsible for any such untoward incidents during transit. Reliable car movers will have commercial auto insurance, general liability insurance as well as cargo insurance to cover damages.

It’s advisable to ask the car movers for documentation of their insurance policies and check if the coverage limits and expiry dates are in order. You may also want to confirm that you will be listed as an additional insured on the policy documents for the duration of your vehicle’s move.

Hiring Car Movers – What is their experience level?

Hiring inexperienced or newbie car movers can significantly increase the chances of something going wrong during transit. So it’s important to inquire about the car moving company’s years of experience in the industry, as well as the experience level of the actual driver who will be transporting your vehicle.

Ask how long they have been operating their business and get details about some of their major clients and projects handled in the past. Knowing about their track record will give you an idea about their competence and reliability. It’s always better to go for car movers with a minimum of 5 years of proven experience.

What type of vehicles can they accommodate?

Car movers usually have restrictions and limitations when it comes to vehicle size and specifics. Before finalizing, clarify whether they can transport your specific type of vehicle – for example SUVs, luxury cars, exotic cars, large RVs/campers, classic/antique cars, etc.

Also inquire about any load restrictions and maximum vehicle dimensions/weights they can handle. This will save you from future hassles like being told at the last minute that they cannot accommodate your vehicle after all.

What is their transportation/transit process?

It’s important to understand their standard procedures for vehicle pick up, loading, actual transportation and delivery. Ask questions like:

  • How will your vehicle be picked up – by enclosed transport truck or open carrier?
  • What precautions do they take while loading/securing vehicles?
  • Will your vehicle be tracked during transit?
  • How many stops or vehicle transfers will be involved (if any)?
  • What is their approximate transit timeline?
  • What assistance can you expect at delivery regarding vehicle positioning etc.?

Getting familiar with their process upfront helps manage expectations and also spots if any steps seem amateurish or lacking.

What is included in their rates?

Being clear about pricing is a major factor when hiring movers. Apart from the base transportation rate, find out if there are any additional charges for:

Tolls/highway fees
Early/late pickup/delivery
Storage fees (if applicable)
Additional stop charges
Cancellation fees

Having clarity on total costs upfront removes room for unfair surcharges later on. Reputable movers provide transparent estimates.

What type of payment methods do they accept?

Find out about their payment policies including modes of acceptable payment like cash, checks, debit/credit cards. It’s always safest opting for movers who accept non-cash payments for a paper trail in case of disputes.

Hiring Car Movers How to reach them for assistance during transit?

Get contact details of the operations manager/dispatcher you can reach out to in case of an emergency while your vehicle is in transit. Reliable companies also share vehicle tracking login creds for location updates.

Following up on these often ignored questions plays a big role in having peace of mind during your vehicle’s relocation process. Taking the time to choose a licensed, insured and experienced car moving company sets the foundation for a smooth move.