Cheapest Way to Move a Car to Another State

Move a Car to Another State

Moving a car to another state can be a daunting task both logistically and financially Move a Car to Another State. However, with proper planning and research, it is possible to transport your vehicle in an affordable manner. This article explores the most cost-effective options for relocating your car across state lines.

We will discuss the pros and cons of driving yourself versus hiring a transport service, as well as approximate pricing so you can find the method that best suits your budget and needs.

Driving Yourself

For those wanting to keep moving costs to an absolute minimum, transporting your car yourself is the most budget-friendly choice. You avoid paying transportation fees while having full control over the driving schedule. However, it is not without drawbacks.


The biggest financial outlay is fuel costs for the journey. Using estimated average gas mileage and current gas prices, a 2000-mile drive would cost around $300-400 in fuel depending on your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. You may also want to budget for meals and lodging during stops.

Move a Car to Another State – Logistics

Driving across multiple states means planning rest stops and factoring in potential delays from traffic or car trouble. You will need time for the trip, likely spreading it out over multiple days. Transporting belongings in addition to yourself and passengers further reduces available cargo space in the vehicle.

Damage Risk

There is always a chance of accidents occurring while driving such a long distance, especially if attempting to complete it in one intense drive straight through. Your car also faces greater exposure to road hazards and wear/tear from additional miles.

Hiring a Transport Service

Open vs. Enclosed Transport

Transport Type Description Average Cost for 2000 Miles
Open Car is transported via straps or tiedowns on an open carrier truck. $500-1000
Enclosed Vehicle rides within the protected enclosure of a enclosed truck. $700-1,500

Open transport is the most budget option but leaves your vehicle exposed to elements. Enclosed is more secure but costs roughly double that of open transport. Both remove the driving duties from you.

Move a Car to Another State – Experienced Carriers

Reputable transport companies have years of expertise safely delivering thousands of vehicles across the country. Their commercial drivers are specifically trained and certified to properly secure vehicles for highway travel. Using a registered carrier offers insurance protections should any damage occur during transport.

Move a Car to Another State – Door-to-Door Service

Transport services provide full door-to-door delivery, eliminating the need for you to be present during loading/unloading. They handle all the logistical planning so your vehicle arrives at its destination with minimal effort from you beyond the initial booking.

Other Considerations

Timing of Move

Rush moves demanding transport within a week usually have premiums, while scheduled transport months in advance often qualifies for discounts. Summer months also tend to be the transport industry’s busy season with higher rates.

Vehicle Value

More expensive vehicles may warrant the security of enclosed transport despite the higher cost. For less valuable cars, open transport or even driving yourself could prove most cost-effective.

Special Equipment

Large vehicles like SUVs or cargo vans may cost extra to transport due to their size. Vehicles with special features like an extended roof also face premiums. Carriers should provide equipment-specific pricing quotes.

Move a Car to Another State – Parting Words:

All vehicle transport options require some expenditure. Driving yourself is most budget-friendly but also more stressful and risky. Enclosed professional transport removes these concerns but for a significant premium over open transport.

Researching carrier reputation, reading transport reviews, utilizing discounts when possible, and matching your budget and vehicle type to the best method will lead to a smooth and affordable relocation.

Planning ahead allows comparing full price quotes to determine the most cost-effective solution for your specific moving situation.